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Official Training:

GRADUATE 2023    - Diploma Media & Screen Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT)

GRADUATE 2002    - Bachelor of Teaching (BT) in Drama (Secondary) University Western Sydney (UWS)

GRADUATE 1998    - Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Performance – ACTING Theatre Nepean (UWS)

Film Crew roles:

2023                - Director/Writer/Interviewer - CIT Diploma Film Crew 'Politik'

                        - Director/Writer - CIT Grad Film Crew 'Two in the Hand'

                        - DP/Camera/Director - CIT Tesla 'Drive' package Producer David Nery THE BUZZ

                        - Director/DP/Camera - development with Karla Bogaart SET READY FILM

                        - Guest Director/Tutor at BUS STOP FILMS (Canberra) - Shot Sizes, StoryBoarding & Shoot roles

                        - AD 'Let Me Go' BUS STOP FILMS (Canberra) dir Ellen Britton

                        - Gaffer 'The Kanberry Vampire Hunters' dir Stephen Cooke


2023                 - Producer FOLLOW YOUR NOSE Directed by Ujwal Rai, Lights Canberra Action 'People's Choice Award'

2023                 - Producer REMEMBERING MUM Documentary short film, Directed by Ash Gray

2022                 - Writer: Premiere theatre series publication DEMENTED – Currency Press supported by ‘the Q’

2022                 - Producer: Theatre season ‘the Q’ Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre, directed by Ali Clinch

2021                 - Producer: ‘Q The Locals’ artist recipient DEMENTED - QPRC ‘the Q’ PAC venue supporting partner

2021                 - ArtsACT funded development presentation event of DEMENTED supporting partner AGAC

2021                 - ArtsACT recipient for writing development DEMENTED. Dramaturg Peter Matheson

2020                 - Writer: Visual Theatre play published UNDER MY BED - Australian Plays Transform (

2019-2021        - Arts Advisory Board Committee member Canberra Theatre Centre & Cultural Facilities Corporation

2017                 - ArtsACT supported development public presentation UNDER MY BED partners AGAC & CYT

2017                 - ArtsACT recipient for writing development UNDER MY BED. Dramaturg Peter Matheson

2016                 - BABY BLUES, Short and Sweet Sydney Gala Finals directed by Shelly Higgs ‘Best Actress’ Award

2016                 - TODDLER SLAP Menslink fund-raiser event for Ally Cat Productions      

2016                 - KIDS DON’T TALK Ally Cat Productions, charity event/season Vivaldi

2015-2016        - Producer Mentorship Program ‘EXPAND’ The Street Theatre, Mic Gruchy, Caroline Stacey

2014-2016        - Writing residency training ‘THE HIVE’ The Street Theatre, Dramaturgy: Peter Matheson

2015                 - Australian Theatre Forum – Independent Theatre Delegate, supported by CYT, The Street Theatre

2014                 - IN MY HEAD - unfunded creative development presentation, supported by The Street Theatre

2013                 - VANITY INSANITY Short and Sweet Canberra Gala Finals ‘Best Actress’ Award

2012                 - SORRY I LOVE YOU directed by Anne Murn ImproACT ’Showcase’

2011                 - MEANWHILE Syd Short and Sweet Gala Finals ‘Best Production’ Award


2023                 - REMEMBERING MUM, Documentary Short, concept, talent, also directed by Ash Gray

2022                 - HOME, PUPPY DREAM Rebus Theatre

2021                 - FRIENDS NO STRINGS ATTACHED Rebus Theatre

2021                 - EXILE puppetry director/puppet design Radford College, Sally Stenning

2020                 - ANCIENT APPLE ORCHARD, ZOO FAMILY Rebus Theatre

2019                 - CHICKEN SURPRISE Hawker Primary Junior Drama production

2018                 - WORDS IN FLIGHT written & performed by Jacqui Malins, interdisciplinary one-woman show         

2018                 - WHOOPS Hawker Primary Senior Drama production

2017                 - POI-A-TREE, local Canberra poets, as part of ‘I’m Me’ Festival Canberra Youth Theatre

2013                 - 35 DEGREES 17 NORTH Performance Director Canberra Youth Theatre (CYT)

2013                 - UNVIELED Co-director, Canberra Youth Theatre (CYT Senior Ensemble)

2011                 - DISGUSTED by Peter Malicki Short & Sweet, Canberra

Acting Roles (screen):

2023                 - FOLLOW YOUR NOSE - Short Film, Clown (lead) directed by Ujwal Rai

2022                 - OPEN YOUR EYES - Short Film, Mother, directed by Ujwal Rai, CIT

                         - ONCE UPON A TIME IN SERBIA - Feature Film, Vera Markovic, directed by Goran Srejic, Tiny Porductions

2021                 - YOUNG AT HEART, Short Film, Mary (lead actress,) short film by Georgie Arndell, UC

                         - TOTAL CONTROL Season 2, Featured Extra (Tour Leader), tv series (ABC) directed by Wayne Blair

2020                 - PLEASURE OF MEETING SOMEONE, Nina’s Friend, directed by Callum Flinn

                         - MULLET HEIGHTS (web series), Maude, directed by Johnny Milner, produced by Sebastian Chan

2019                 - WITHIN, Mrs Beamont, directed by Tom Fiander, UC Grad short film

2018                 - AFTER THE AWAY, School Principal, directed by Sacha Vivian-Riding (AFTRS), St Kilda Film Fest finalist 2020                 - HELLO AU REVOIR (feature) role of ‘Actress’ directed by Jason Croot

                         - BEGGING FOR IT, Mother Beast, directed by Ashlee Robertson, LCA festival Finalist

1992                 - COME OUT COME OUT WHOEVER YOU ARE short film directed by Richard Bladel Theatre Now

1992                 - THE POWER STONE tv series pilot by Smart Arts Productions

Actor Training (screen):

2021                 - Film Plus Canberra ‘Set Ready Action’

                         - TAFTA (Sydney) Casting Director Workshop Daisy Hicks (McGregor Casting)

2020                 - TAT Self-Taping School, Greg Apps

                         - FILM PLUS Beyond the Lens Chubbuck and acting for camera, Victoria Hopkins

                         - TAFTA Casting Director workshop Syd, Leigh Pickford

                         - Ivana CHUBBUCK 12 step technique, Dene Kermond (on-line course)

                         - Casting Workshop (virtual) CHICKEN AND CHIPS CASTING, Stephanie Pringle and Alison Fowler

                         - Sydney Actors Collective CD workshop – Stevie Ray

2019                 - TAFTA Acting for camera workshops, Danny Raco, Jo O’Shaughnessy

2018                 - TAT Creating Compelling Characters for screen, Greg Apps

Acting roles (theatre)

2019                 - METAMORPHOSIS directed by Adam Bronowski, The Street Theatre

2018                 - OUT OF THE BOX ‘Canberra Unscripted’ directed by Amy Crawford, Chrysalis Theatre

2017                 - UNDER SEDATION directed by Adele Chynoweth, The Street Theatre

                         - SWITHCED ON Lightbulb Theatre

                         - BRIDESQUAD directed by Heidi Silberman Chrysalis Theatre

2016                 - PROPPETS solo show 321 Season Chrysalis Theatre

                         - WORLD BETWEEN WORDS ‘Improvention’ Festival directed by Nigel Sutton, ImproACT

2015                 - HOMEFRONT tour Yass directed by Heidi Silberman Chrysalis Theatre

                         - THEATRESPORTS Improviser ‘Wagga Wagga Comedy Festival’  ImproACT

2014                 - HOMEFRONT– unscripted WW1 play, directed by Heidi Silberman, The Street Theatre

                         - IMPERSON8 – improvised character play, directed by Nick Byrne, The Street Theatre

2012                 - OPENING NIGHT directed by Heidi Silberman Short & Sweet Canberra

                         - FOR THE LOVE OF THEIR COUNTRY directed by Bruce Hoogendorn Short & Sweet Canberra

2009                 - ON GREEN GREEN GRASS directed by Nina Stevenson Short & Sweet Canberra

2003                 - RICOCHET R RATED directed by Tanc Sade, ‘The Big Laugh’ Sydney Comedy Festival

2001                 - END OF THE LINE directed by Sam Bettison ricochet working productions

                         - HOOKED sketch show ‘The Big Laugh’ Comedy Festival, ricochet working productions

1998                 - A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM directed by Terence Crawford Theatre Nepean

1998                 - AFTERSHOCKS directed by Ann Volska Theatre Nepean

1998                 - IVANOV directed by Terence Clarke Theatre Nepean

1997                 - HATING ALISON ASHLEY Theatre Nepean

                         - TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA directed by Terence Crawford Theatre Nepean

1995                 - DESIRES directed by Annette Downs Terrapin Puppet Theatre

1994                 - YOLLA IN FLIGHT directed by Phillip Mitchell Terrapin Puppet Theatre

                         - HEROES directed by Annette Downs Terrapin Puppet Theatre

1993                 - COLD FEET directed by Annette Downs Terrapin Puppet Theatre

1992                 - THEN IT STARTS TO HAPPEN directed by Jindra Rosenberg Terrapin Puppet Theatre

                         - TV WHO directed by Jordanna Leather Theatre Now Youth Theatre

                         - GORN directed by Christine Best & Tess Dryza Theatre Now Youth Theatre

                         - DAGS (Gillian – lead) directed by Christine Best Theatre Now Youth Theatre

Actor/Physical Theatre Training (theatre):

GRADUATE 1998    - Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Performance – ACTING Theatre Nepean (UWS)

              Head of Acting                Bogdan Koca / Terence Crawford

              Head of Voice                 Coral Haddock / Jill Brown

              Head of Movement         Yana Taylor

2020-2022         - Applied Theatre ‘Actorvate’ ensemble - Playback, Forum & Image Theatre - Robin Davidson, Rebus Theatre

2015-2022         - Clowning PD workshops David Symons, Claire Bartholomew, Pedro Fabio, The Humour Foundation

2020                  - Clowning PD for clown doctors - Alicia Gonzales The Clown Institute

2019                  - Devising & collaborating in visual/physical theatre Chris Isaacs, The Last Great Hunt (WA)

2018                  - Boal’s Forum Theatre intensive Robin Davidson & Ali Clinch, Rebus Theatre

2010-2019         - various Improv term courses & multiple PDs ‘Improvention’ International Festivals ImproACT

2016                  - Shakespeare Clown workshop - Ira Seidenstein

2015                  - Voice coaching (Laban and Estill intro) Dianna Nixon, Wild Voices Theatre

2014                  - Aerial Workshop ‘Hoop, silk, trapeze’ - Susannah Defraia Circque de Soleil

 2014                 - ‘Object Theatre’ - Nancy Black workshop, Blackhole Theatre

2010                  - ‘The Actor’s Body’ Master Class, Laban Method - William Zappa, The Street Theatre Master class

2007                  - Commedia dell’Arte intensive - Kylie Bonnacorso CYT

2000                  - Meisner & Mamet intensive course - Melissa Bruder, Andrea Moore - Practical Aesthetics Australia

1998                  - Circus/Physical Theatre skills Intensive summer school ‘balances, tumbling and aerial’ Acrobat

1997                  - Physical Theatre course ‘balances, throws and catches’ - Beth Kayes Legs on the Wall        

1997                  - Mime Intermediate course - Francois Bucquot (F.A.S.T)

1994                  - Puppetry and Physical Theatre Intensive workshop - Phillipe Genty Company

1993                  - Physical Theatre ‘body contact’ workshop Legs on The Wall

1992                  - Suzuki & Butoh Introductory training - Phillip Mitchell Terrapin Puppet Theatre

Puppetry Roles:

2022                - DEMENTED Theatre Production Directed by Ali Clinch 'Q Theatre' - puppetry director

2021                - DEMENTED, ArtsACT development – puppetry director

2022                - DEMENTED theatre season at 'the Q' Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre - puppetry director

2017                - UNDER MY BED, ArtsACT development – puppetry director

2016                - MIGHTY LITTLE PUPPET SHOW Melbourne Fringe 

                        - BABYY BLUES Short & Sweet Sydney Top 80 Winner: 'Judges Choice'

                        - BABY BLUES Short & Sweet 'Gala Finals' Sydney Winner: 'Best Actress'

2015                - KIDS DON'T TALK Ally Cat Productions, charity event/season Vivaldi

                        - BABY BLUES Short & Sweet Canberra 'Gala Finals', Winner: 'People's Choice'

2014                - IN MY HEAD - a creative development presentation, in association with The Street Theatre

                        - PROPPETS - Smith's Alternative, Chrysalis Theatre, Object Theatre Puppeteer

2013                - THE VERY SAD FISH LADY directed by Joy McDonald The Street Theatre

                        - VANITY INSANITY directed by Catherine Crowley Short & Sweet Winner: 'Best Actress'  

                        - SORRY I LOVE YOU directed by Anne Murn Impro ACT ’Showcase’

2013                - PUPPETS VS PEOPLE directed by Jon Williams Improvention 

1995                - DESIRES directed by Annette Downs Terrapin Puppet Theatre, Peacock Theatre

1994                - YOLLA IN FLIGHT directed by Phillip Mitchell Terrapin Puppet Theatre

                        - HEROES directed by Annette Downs Terrapin Puppet Theatre

1993                - COLD FEET directed by Annette Downs Terrapin Puppet Theatre

1992                - THEN IT STARTS TO HAPPEN directed by Jindra Rosenberg Terrapin Puppet Theatre

Improv Actor Training:

2023                - Improvention Inernational Festival (Canberra) ImproACT

2018-2019       - Lightbulb Improv

2014-2015       - Chrysalis Theatre

2010-2018       - Improvisation term courses & workshops with ImproACT

                        - various workshops at ‘Improvention’ Festivals

                        - workshop instructors and IMPROV ARTISTS trained with include:

Lynn Pierce, Bec De Unamuno, Daniel Courdeau, Patti Stiles, Jane Simmons, Rik Brown, Joe Bill, Jill Bernard, Tom Salinsky, Derek Flores, Lyndsay Hailey, Randy Dixon, Nigel Sutton, Nick Byrne, Jason Geary, Rama Nicholas, Tim Redmond, Glenn Hall, Marko Mustac, Cale Baine, Jon Williams, Domeka Parker, Robert Lloyd, Caitland Yolland, David Razowsky, Amy Shostak, Nadine Antler, Benjamin Crowley, Ken-Sam Chane Cick, Claire Bartholomew, David Simmons, Jo Cohen, Pedro Fabio, Amy Crawford  

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