Actor CV

Ruth Pieloor

Age range: 40-48

Height: 172cm

Dress Size: 12

Hair: Shoulder Length

Light-Med Brown

Eyes: Hazel Green

Location base: Canberra Australia


Victoria Jackson Management

UNDER SEDATION by Adele Chynoweth
The Street Theatre 2017
Photo: Shelly Higgs
Actor BIO

Ruth is a theatre-trained Actor (BA Theatre Nepean, Uni Western Sydney), puppeteer (Terrapin Puppet Theatre), and improviser (ImproACT). Previous productions at The Street Theatre include UNDER SEDATION, THE VERY SAD FISH LADY, HOMEFRONT, CRESCENDO, DISPLACED, IMPERSON8, NORTH VS SOUTH, X-VOICE IDOL, OUT OF THE BOX, & multiple ‘Improvention’ festival performances (ImproACT 2010-17). Other improvised plays include: BRIDESQUAD and PROPPETS, Chrysalis Theatre. Recent Puppetry productions include MIGHTLY LITTLE PUPPET SHOW, (Melbourne Fringe 2016), BABY BLUES (Best Actress ‘Short and Sweet’ Sydney Gala Finals 2016, Best Actress ‘Short and Sweet’ Canberra 2015),TODDLER SLAP for ‘Kids Don’t Talk’  and VANITY INSANITY (Best Actress ‘Short and Sweet’ Canberra 2013). Ruth has performed monthly with Lightbulb Improv, in various short films, pilots, corporate training gigs, including as a simulated patient with ANU Medical School. She recently played school principal for AFTER THE WAY directed by AFTRS grad Sasha Vivian-Riding. Ruth trained in TV Acting for CIT’s Film Diploma course 2017, and in 2018 did several TAFTA TV & casting workshops, and recently completed Greg Apps’ Selftape Master Class CREATING COMPELLING CHARACTERS. Ruth is a freelance Drama teacher (Bachelor Teaching UWS), a tutor/director (Canberra Youth Theatre, ImproACT), a resident writer The Street Theatre’s HIVE program, ArtsACT development recipient for visual theatre play UNDER MY BED, MEAA Actors Equity ambassador, Advisory Committee Board member for The Canberra Theatre Centre, and resident Clown Doctor ‘Dr Whoops’ at Canberra Hospital for The Humour Foundation.

CV Acting & Improv


2018                - OUT OF THE BOX Canberra Unscripted directed by Amy Crawford, Chrysalis Theatre

2017                - UNDER SEDATION directed by Adele Chynoweth, The Street Theatre

                        - SWITHCED ON Lightbulb Theatre

                        - BRIDESQUAD Chrysalis Theatre directed by Heidi Silberma

2016                - PROPPETS solo show 321 Season Chrysalis Theatre

                        - World Between Words ‘Improvention’ Festival directed by Nigel Sutton

                        - BABY BLUES Syd Short and Sweet Gala Finals directed by Shelly Higg

2015                - Homefront tour Yass directed by Heidi Silberman

                        - Theatresports Improviser ‘Wagga Wagga Comedy Festival ImproACT directed by Nick Byrne

2014                - Homefront – unscripted WW1 play, directed by Heidi Silberman Street Theatre

                        - Imperson8 – improvised character play, directed by Nick Byrne Street Theatre

2013                - Vanity Insanity directed by Catherine Crowley Short & Sweet (ACT) ‘Best Actress’

2012                - Opening Night directed by Heidi Silberman Short & Sweet (ACT)

                        -  For Love of Their Country directed by Bruce Hoogendorn Short & Sweet (ACT)

2009                - On Green Green Grass directed by Nina Stevenson Short & Sweet (ACT)

2009                - Stand-up comedy routine - support act for ‘Austen Tayshus’. Tuggeranong Arts Centre

2003                - Ricochet R Rated directed by Tanc Sade, ‘The Big Laugh’ Sydney Comedy Festival

                         (Paramatta Riverside Theatres) ricochet working productions

2001                - End of the Line directed by Sam Bettison ricochet working productions

                        - Hooked ‘The Big Laugh’ Sydney Comedy Festival, ‘ricochet’ working productions sketches

1998                - A Midsummer Night’s Dream directed by Terence Crawford Theatre Nepean

1998                - Aftershocks directed by Ann Volska Theatre Nepean

1998                - Ivanov directed by Terence Clarke Theatre Nepean

1997                - Hating Alison Ashley Theatre Nepean

                        - Two Gentlemen of Verona directed by Terence Crawford Theatre Nepean

1992                - TV Who directed by Jordanna Leather Theatre Now Youth Theatre (Hobart)

                        - Gorn directed by Christine Best & Tess Dryza Theatre Now Youth Theatre

                        - Dags directed by Christine Best Theatre Now Youth Theatre

1991                - You Still Here directed by Christine Best Theatre Now Youth Theatre

1987                - Us & Them directed by Donald Pulford Breadline Theatre Co

                        - Arturo Ui directed by Robert Jarman Old Nick Theatre Co


CV Puppetry

2016                - Mighty Little Puppet Show Melbourne Fringe 

                        - Baby Blues Short & Sweet Sydney Top 80 Winner Judges Choice,

                        - Baby Blues Short & Sweet Gala Finals Sydney Winner: BEST ACTRESS

2015                - Kids Don’t Talk Ally Cat Productions, charity event/season Vivaldi

                        - Baby Blues Short & Sweet Canberra Gala Finals, directed by Shelly Higgs

2014                - IN MY HEAD - a creative development presentation

2013                - Very Sad Fish Lady directed by Joy McDonald Street Theatre

                        - Vanity Insanity directed by Catherine Crowley Short & Sweet      

                        - Sorry I Love You directed by Anne Murn Impro ACT ’Showcase’

2013                - Puppets Vs People directed by Jon Williams Improvention 2012

1995                - Desires directed by Annette Downs Terrapin Puppet Theatre, Peacock Theatre

1994                - Yolla In Flight directed by Phillip Mitchell Terrapin Puppet Theatre, TIE

                        - Heroes directed by Annette Downs Terrapin Puppet Theatre, TIE

1993                - Cold Feet directed by Annette Downs Terrapin Puppet Theatre, TIE

1992                - Then It Starts to Happen directed by Jindra Rosenberg Terrapin Puppet Theatre, TIE

Actor Training & Professional Developments

GRADUATE 2002    - Bachelor of Teaching (BT) in Drama (Secondary) University Western Sydney

GRADUATE 1998    - Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Performance – ACTING Theatre Nepean (UWS)

              Head of Acting                Bogdan Koca / Terence Crawford

              Head of Voice                 Coral Haddock / Jill Brown

              Head of Movement         Yana Taylor


2018                - TAFTA Screen Test Workshops with Casting Agents: Thea McLeod, Leigh Pickord

2017                - CIT Film school director's course - Tamzin Nugent

2016                - Shakespeare & the Voice workshop - Ira Seidenstein

                        - Director-lead Ensemble workshops Street Theatre - Karla Conway

2015                - Aus Theatre Forum Delegate Sydney - various workshops

                        - Clowning workshops Humour Foundation - David Symons

                        - Intro to Estill Voice workshop

2014                - Aerial Workshop - Susannah Defraia (ex Circque de Soleil)

                        - ‘Object Theatre’ - Nancy Black workshop (of Blackhole Theatre)

                        - Puppetry performance and making workshop Dead Puppets Society

                        - Rudolph Laban Workshops - Language Dramaturg: Diana Nixon Wild Voices

2010-2016       - 'Improvention' Improv Festival ImproACT – various improv workshops and performances

2012                - Puppetry workshop - Jon Williams

2010                - The Actor’s Body Master Class, Laban Method - William Zappa

2007                - Commedia dell’Arte intensive - Kylie Bonnacorso

1999                - Mamet course - Melissa Bruder, Andrea Moore Practical Aesthetics Australia

1998                - Circus/Physical Theatre skills Intensive summer school Acrobat

1997                - Physical Theatre course - Beth Kayes Legs on the Wall        

                        - Mime Intermediate course - Francois Bucquot (F.A.S.T)

1994                - Puppetry Intensive workshop - Phillipe Genty Company

1993                - Physical Theatre workshop Legs on The Wall

                        - Suzuki & Kabuki Introductory courses - Phillip Mitchell Terrapin Puppet Theatre

1992                - Puppetry Traineeship - Jindra Rosenberg Terrapin Puppet Theatre

1990-91           - Youth Theatre company Theatre Now – courses, workshops and productions

Improv Training

2010-2017       - Improvisation term courses & workshops with ImproACT

                        - various workshops at ‘Improvention’ Festivals

                        - workshop instructors and IMPROV ARTISTS trained with include:


                Jill Bernard, Tom Salinsky, Derek Flores, Lyndsay Hailey, Randy Dixon, Bec De Unamuno,

                Patti Stiles, Rik Brown, Jason Geary, Rama Nicholas, Tim Redmond, Nigel Sutton,

                Nick Byrne, Heidi Silberman, Benjamin Crowley, Cathy Crowley, Brad Daniels

                Marko Mustac, Kale Baine, Daniel Cordeau, Jon Williams, Domeka Parker, Jason Geary,

                Rik Brown, Glenn Hall, Robert Lloyd, Caitlin Yolland, David Razowsky,

                Keng-Sam Chane Cick, Nadine Antler & Amy Shostak.